"Instilling confidence in Steel"

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mahavir Steel Industries Limited feels responsibility to create a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live.

1. We Wake and We Lead programs for adolescents - The objective of this program is to create an informed, responsible, confident and sensitive adolescent.

Mahavir Steel Industries Ltd. is supporting Step up foundation for the social cause of adolescent wellness. For CSR activity we are running two projects in Vidya Vikas high school, Yawat - We Wake and We Lead.

We are trying to address below problems with this initiative.

It is common knowledge that talking about the topics we mentioned above is taboo. Teenagers rely on unreliable sources (porn, magazines, and friend’s experiences) to make sense of the changes happening in their bodies and mental/ emotional states. This leaves teenagers unaware about dangers such as spread of HIV and other STDs because of unsafe sex, harm caused by habits such as smoking, drinking, doing drugs, effect of abuse on teenagers’ physical and mental health etc. An unaware teenager is incapable of taking care of himself/ herself.

We have chosen theVidya Vikas High school of our vicinity i.e. Yavat. Approximately numbers of beneficiaries are around 370 students.

The outcome of this initiative is to ensure that the adolescent is:

  • Informed about the means to ensure physical and emotional wellness
  • Responsible towards himself/ herself and others
  • Sensitive towards changes occurring in himself/ herself and the opposite sex
  • Confident about his/ her ability and knowledge to deal with challenges of growing up.

2. Support to Residential Deaf And Dumb School in Urali Kanchan, near Yavat

  • Since the children are physically challenged, looking at the safety of the children, we have constructed a shed and put the safety grills on all the windows as per the requirement of the school.
  • We are maintaining Water Purifier plant in the School so that the students can get the purified water.
  • Yearly support to Deaf & Dumb children for their stationary requirements like books, notebooks, compass boxes, pencils & other stationary items.
  • The school in the Urali kanchan is residential school so looking at the need we have provided bunk-beds so that all children can sleep comfortably.